6 Strand Dog Collar (Single Colour)


A product built to stand the test of time and offer the best level of comfort for you and your dog while also keeping them looking snazzy.

This collar comes with a chrome buckle and D ring, not the rose gold pictured.

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We make bespoke, hand made, premium dog collars to withstand the test of time.
This collars is made using 6 strand woven paracord. Our paracord is rated at 550lbs, meaning there is a breaking strength of 550 pounds which means no matter how big the breed – this product can hold its own when it comes to pups who pull!
Paracord is also used to create a bright, fun and decorative collar which has your pet standing out from the rest. We offer a wide range of colours and sizes and all collars come with a premium chrome metal side release buckle and a D-ring.

10 – 14 Inches, 15 – 19 Inches, 20 – 23 Inches, 24-25 Inches


Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Green, White, Black, Grey, Light blue, Aquatica