Paw Balm Sticks


Our dogs paw pads can get damaged through every day life, imagine having to walk about in your bare feet all the time? It can’t be comfortable, this is where out paw balm sticks come I  handy, great for helping to repair and moisturise our pets paws. Our pet balm is also a vegan paw balm as well and the fact that they are sticks, makes them perfect for fitting in your pockets on walks. It’s not designed to taste nice but it’s completely safe if your pet does decided to lick the paw balm off. Pet paw balm is perfect to use all year round, especially in the winter to help protect our dogs paw from the salt and grit on the paths with the cold weather

The list of ingredients in our paw balm are:

– Shea Butter, Rapeseed & Coconut wax, Grapeseed oil, Rice bran oil, Neem oil, Rosemary EO, Niaouli EO and Patchouli EO


Each stick is 5ml in size


Paw Balm Sticks